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I'm a

Mexican not 

so Mexican.

I come from

a family 

of artists,

all doctors.

And then

there's me: undecided words.

I am purple,

I am stars,

I am flowers,

I am full moons,

I am black.

I am colors,

I am smells,

I'm a synesthete and a hummingbird from a past life.

2020. A way to protect skaters from the Japanese cops.

2020. A claim to recognize women's achievements.

2021. Two socks worn unevenly high to illustrate the inequality in sports coverage.

2020. A training app that gives girls workouts synchronized to their cycles, as well as connecting them to other girls in

a period emergency.

2020. A certification

for hairdressers to do visual examination & detection of

skin cancer.

2020. A series of prints to show that scratches and dirt are part of every Jeep. 

2019. A museum with room for your dirty 


2020. Beer at its finest.

Partly truth and partly fiction, I'm a walking 


some skills simply come from the heart.

talk to me, dance with me.

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